Bedminster Down School

Fruit Machine - The Boardroom & Result!

Over the last 2 weeks, as part of the 2018 Bristol Food Connections Festival, 6 BDS pupils from Year 10 have had the exciting opportunity to take part in an ‘Apprentice’-style task that celebrates the history of the Bristol Fruit Market. BDS pupils have been competing against three other schools. Pupils were given the task of planning, sourcing, making, marketing and selling their own food products at Bristol Harbourside Market during a busy lunch-time.


Today was the final day of the challenge with results being announced at Bristol Fruitmarket’s Boardroom. The team were nervous as the judges of industry experts gave their verdict. It was a very close-run thing but we’re delighted to announce that the BDS team were nominated winners of this year’s challenge!


The BDS “Merry Berry” Team:

Research and development – Bailey Kenna-Jones & Ella Baldwin

Finance – Edith Fritsch

Marketing and branding – Brook Steventon-Smith

Sales – Patrick Plummer & Jack Randall


Below you’ll find some selected Feedback from the judges on the team’s performance:


Day 1 - Planning Stage:

“They work well as a team and recognise each other's strengths/weaknesses. They were considering strategy from the outset which was impressive… Overall, I was really impressed with how thorough they were being - considering how each decision they made would have implications across the task as a whole.”


Day 2 – Buying Task at Bristol Fruit Market:

“They were extremely well organised.  Had planned their approach well, and immediately split up into sub-teams with defined tasks to source different fruit from different parts of the market... They asked intelligent questions about the produce, and were interested in provenance… They were friendly, but haggled aggressively… One trader said ‘they were polite and professional.  They are a credit to themselves, their school and their parents.”


Day 2 - Preparation:

“They were efficient, coordinated and professional producing the strawberry sorbets and Pick ‘n’ Mix Fruit Salad.”


Day 3 - Harbourside Market Selling Task:

“The marketing and stall decorations were great.”

“Loved the name – Merry Berry – very clever, good to see this was well thought through and creative.”

“They took a gamble with the sorbet but it paid off – they had this idea at the briefing session, loved that they followed through with it.”

“The Sorbet tasted terrific.”

“Patrick was shouting out like an experienced market trader, and was persistent to the end.”

“Edith was a great treasurer who kept very accurate records of all expenditure.”

“A great sales team… I could hear them as soon as I got out of the car.”


BDS would like to take this opportunity to congratulate Henbury and Cotham schools for their fantastic effort. Also we would like to thank the judges: